Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet the Exiles

Number three baby, Meet the Exiles.  Got some incredible new animators on board to work on this.  Main narrator was animated by Kishore Vijay, and all the other characters by Jarrod Showers.  I did the 2D animation, and some other things.  Super fun, and thanks to all the folks at Carbine who helped out!


Meet the Dominion

Well. Been a little since I posted anything here, so here we go. Let's start with the Meet the Dominion. Our second in-house marketing cinematic. Released third, though actually created second.  An exciting project to put together, from working with professional voice talent at Igloo Studios in Burbank, to bringing to life a character I completely love, to wrestling our game engine to the ground in order to render the thing.  Thanks as always to everyone else who helped on this!